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Company wise, we are the group of companies involved in various activities related to international transport, other companies are"G. S Walia. (Customs House Agent) & AHLUWALIA TRAILER MOVERS."


  • To excel in global logistics management and grow with customer's trust and satisfaction.
  • In today's fast moving environment, logistics has become an essential component of any corporate management strategy. Individual customer requirements for international logistics have become increasingly advanced and diversified, and Aadit Logistics has achieved an excellent track record in structuring and implementing all kinds of logistics related systems.


  • Developing and offering innovative logistics solutions based on our customer needs.
  • Improving and maintaining quality of services with continuous drive for cost minimization.
  • To be reliable and dependable logistics service provider to our customers.
  • Enhance our strength through horizontal and vertical integration.
  • To value business ethics and be a good corporate organization.
  • With a world-class logistics network linking distribution bases, operational facilities and offices world-wide, Adit Logistics is well positioned to meet any type of logistics-related request that its customers might have.